Services A-Z

Births, deaths, marriages

Certificates, ID, wills, relationships, name change, pregnancy, divorce.

Citizenship and immigration

Residency, visas, work and study in NZ.

Community, arts and sport

Tramping and camping, funding, fishing and volunteering.

Consumer rights

Consumer disputes, complaints, scams and fraud.

Crime, law and justice

Jury, fines, prison and neighbourhood issues.

Driving and transport

Driver licences, tickets and fines, WOFs and registration.

Education and training

School terms, special education, student loans and apprenticeships.

Emergencies and disasters

Civil defence alerts and emergency planning.

Environment and climate

Conservation, daylight saving, natural resources and weather.


Public funded healthcare, GPs, children's health.

History, culture and heritage

Historical records, Māori culture, family history.

Housing and property

Buying, selling, renting, renovating and building.

Internet, media and communication

TV and radio, online security, advertising.

Money, benefits and tax

Financial help, NZ Super, paying tax and KiwiSaver.

Parliament and politics

Parliament and elections, official information requests and have your say.

Passports, travel and tourism

Visit NZ, go overseas to visit or live.

Work and jobs

Holidays and time off, paying ACC, redundancy and working for yourself.